Duram 195 datasheet

Duram datasheet

Duram 195 datasheet

It is ideal for horizontal and slightly inclined roofs. Duram 195 is designed to waterproof most applications within the building balconies, terraces, duram podiums , decks, construction industry duram including: Exposed Areas: Roofs gutters. • Once cured these materials are non- toxic inert harmless. When it dries Duram 195 forms a seamless waterproof membrane that is effective in fresh salt water. duram Duram 195 is a high performance elastomeric polyurethane based liquid waterproofing system which provides exceptionally high datasheet tensile strength elasticity when cured. PRECAUTIONS • Wet Duraprime is toxic but not flammable. Liquid Polyurethane primer which can duram be used prior duram to the application of Multithane and Duram 195.
Description DURAM SOLVENT datasheet is a specific non - lacquer solvent for the thinning diluting of Duram 195, Multithane , Rocktuff as well as cleaning decreasing datasheet surfaces prior to the application of Duraprime can be overcoated with Duram 195 Durabak , Durapond, Rainkote Fibre- Tech Epoxies. DELIVERY NOTE: Deliveries to remote areas of Australia WA datasheet NT & TAS will incur additional delivery charges for all Duram products. CLEANING Utensils, hands can be cleaned with water datasheet while still wet. Duram 195 datasheet. Please contact us for a delivery quote.

Datasheet duram

DATA SHEET SPECIALIST Duraprime Duram Duraprime is a water- based epoxy primer that treats and seals surfaces in preparation for later waterproofing. Duram 195 is a single pack, liquid applied, moisture curing, self leveling, waterproofing membrane which cures to form a seamless, tough, durable, elastomeric ( class 3 ) waterproofing membrane. DATASHEET DURAM 88 STONE CHIP DESCRIPTION Duram 88 Stone Chip is a premium acrylic coating used to protect vehicles and other equipment against corrosion, heat, salt water spray, petrol, oil and some solvents. It also provides excellent resistance to impact, is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean.

duram 195 datasheet

Duram 88 Stone Chip can be used. Duram Multiseal is a moisture curing, single pack, liquid polyurethane penetrating waterproofing primer. It is formulated to compliment Duram Multithane and Duram 195 membranes as it is manufactured from identical resins contained in Multithane or Duram 195.